Nickel Designs Doormats Care Information
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Nickel Designs Doormats Care Information

Our care instructions and tips + tricks!

When your doormat arrives: 
  • We ship our hand-painted doormats rolled in a box. Be sure to use care when opening.

  • If possible, open your new doormat outside to allow for any fibers that have loosened during transit to fall outside. Feel free to give your mat a gentle shake and any remaining loose fibers will fall away.

  • By nature, these natural coir doormats shed a bit at first, but this will ease once you place the doormat at your door!

P.S. Our boxes can be recycled! Remove any tape and stickers and toss them in with your other recycling – let’s all do our part!

When using your hand painted doormat:

  • Be sure to keep your beautiful, hand-painted doormat in a sheltered location out of direct sun, rain, snow or any thing else crazy! We recommend a covered porch or balcony! Our doormats even look great indoors!

  • Shake out the mat often to avoid dirt and fiber build up and keep it looking stylish!

  • Minor variations in the fiber color are normal and blend over time. Some fibers may be thicker than others and there may also be chunks of husks within the fibers because these mats.

  • Be nice to your mat. It is hand painted and sealed but will eventually show signs of wear, especially if you have lots of cool friends that come to visit!

Nickel Designs Doormats Care Instructions

You can read more about our care instructions and frequently asked questions here.

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