5 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Front Porch More Welcoming
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5 Tips And Tricks To Make Your Front Porch More Welcoming

Summer is just around the corner! 

This means it’s time to break out the bathing suits, ice-cold lemonade, and get ready for some wild summer nights! With friends and family bound to visit, it’s also time to dazzle up your front porch. Get ready to wow your visitors with my five tips and tricks to make your front porch look more welcoming!

Lemon Pattern Summer Doormat by Nickel Designs Doormats
#1: Welcome Your Visitors With A Fun, New Doormat

Get ready to hear lots of “OMG! Where did you get that?” with our doormats! From clever and cute, to crass and funky, you’re sure to find a style that would suit your home. These doormats are completely customizable in size and style, with cute, hand-painted designs to suit each of our customers.

Intrigued? You should be! Liven up your porch and shop our custom, hand-painted doormats here.


Front Porch Decor and Plants

#2: Bring on the green

I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again! One of my favorite ways to spice up my porch decor is to add some greenery. Plants add a nice pop of color, without clashing against any of your other decor, making it one of my go-to’s.

Don’t have a green thumb? There are plenty of realistic, beautiful fake plants to give you the same effect, with none of the hassle! Check out some of my favorite fake plants from amazon.

We have also added faux plants and topiaries to our website, check them out here! 

Cute, fun, and shipped directly to your door. It doesn’t get any easier!

#3: Coordinate Your Furniture

Patriotic Porch Decor for Summer


Nothing makes you feel more welcome than a cozy morning on the front porch, sipping tea and chatting with friends. You’re all leaned back in your porch chairs, legs propped up on the coffee table you’ve had your eye on for weeks…

 Can’t you just picture it?

 Bring that vision to life by putting stylish, coordinating furniture out on your porch. It encourages togetherness, and you get a gorgeous seating area to house your guests. It’s a win win. 

This is my favorite bench right now, check it out on Amazon! 

#4: Light Up Your Nights

Bring a bit of whimsy to your evenings with candles, lanterns, or some of those adorable fairy lights that blew up on the internet! 

 Lighting up your porch ensures that your guests don’t trip on your fabulous new decor, while incorporating an elegant appeal to your late-night gatherings. My go to lights are these string lights on Amazon! 


#5: Be bold, Add a statement door


Statement door in yellow, navy house

These funky, bright doors have officially caught my attention. 

 They add such a nice pop of color that compliments many types of furniture, and just scream stylish! They’re so fun, and such a neat, unique way to brighten up your front porch. Plus, they’re an immediate conversation starter, and are sure to set you apart from the other houses on your street.


Thanks so much for following along! Let me know if you have any questions - email me anytime: nicole@nickel-designs.com


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