My Easy Spring Porch Decor Update!
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My Easy Spring Porch Decor Update!

Hey friends, I'm back with a simple and sweet spring porch decor update! I'll be sharing a few simple tips that I always use when updating my porch decor for spring. Let's do this! 
The first tip and step that I always do is to clean my porch and front door. This may sound simple but it makes such a big difference when you have a clean porch, door and windows! 
Next, I start with a fresh layering and doormat. I'm using our Hello spring flower doormat and yellow accent rug this time. 


Spring doormats


Once I have the rugs down I always add some greenery or plants on each side, for a pop of color! Even without a green thumb, you can have gorgeous plants on your porch this spring. Faux plants like topiaries, eucalyptus and hydrangeas make the perfect accent to your spring porch.

faux hydrangeas

These are my favorite faux hydrangeas and bonus - they come as a set of 5! 

If you are looking for something with height, I suggest topiaries. I have 2 sets that I change out throughout the year. Right now, I'm using my spring / summer set which is brighter green and trimmed in a classic topiary style. 


To further customize, drop these trees in your favorite coordinating planters each season and they will always match your décor! 

Last but not least, I love to 'top off' my porch decorations with a fresh wreath and coordinating garland. This year I am using yellow as my accent color so I included a 22" artificial daisy wreath and a spring themed burlap garland.


spring wreath


spring garland
If you aren't sure about how to choose a color theme for your porch, remember, if it works in nature it's a safe bet! And because my house is a neutral, grey, adding color to my porch décor is a great way to add impact without going overboard. 
Spring porch decor
Happy decorating friends! 
xo, Nicole