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I've put together a few ideas for easy and simple Valentine’s Day porch décor  which is a great way to brighten your home and front door. You guys know that I love updating my porch each holiday season and sharing my tips and trick for easy décor updates with you! 

First Valentine's Day porch!

Valentine's Porch Decor
This January in particular has felt about 300 days long and I was ready for some bright cheer and I started with my front porch. Of course I always start with a Nickel Designs layering rug and top that with a Nickel Designs doormat!
Once I have my 'base layer' of rug and doormat, I add out some of my favorite Valentine decorations. The great thing about buying seasonal décor that is classic and simple is that you can use it year after year. I store mine neatly in an air tight tote and it keeps great while I'm not using it. 
The Valentine's garland and heart wreath are from Target and the heart trees and wooden accents are from my local grocery store!  With shipping delays and product shortages this year, I kept my eyes open for cute décor from unexpected places - like the grocery store!
Valentine's Day Decor 
Another great thing that I love about this doormat and layering rug combo is that it can be used as we move into spring! The black and white will serve as a neutral for the upcoming spring holidays like St. Patrick's and Easter. 
Decorating your porch for Valentine’s day doesn’t have to be over the top and extravagant. Simple additions like pops of pink and red paired with your regular porch decorations can make a huge impact!
Another way to re-use décor is with faux greenery.  Even without a green thumb, you can have gorgeous plants on your porch this Valentine's season. Faux plants like bold topiaries can be easily found at your local craft store or online. I have 2 sets and use one set for spring and one set for fall and winter. 
Valentine's Day Decor
One last tip that I always consider is to mix textures. Adding woven baskets to hold pillows, blankets and plants can be a great start when adding texture. You can also create depth and add texture to your entryway with a doormat on top of a layering rug this season!
Whether you love bright colors, more of a neutral tone, or a classic plaid, adding a layering rug can accentuate your doormat and freshen your porch for each season. This trend is easy, low maintenance and is the perfect way to add instant curb appeal!
Thanks for joining along and let me know if you have any questions about this Valentine's Day porch!