How to decorate your porch for Easter!
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How to decorate your porch for Easter!

We're talking all things Easter!
Are you ready to get your front porch ready for Easter? Let's do this together! I'm sharing all of my favorite Easter décor ideas, along with my favorite decorations that you can still get in time for Easter Sunday. 
I always start with.....
One of the best ways to decorate your porch area quickly and easily is by adding a doormat. Not only is a welcome mat a cute addition to the front porch, this will also help reduce the amount of dirt that might get tracked into your home. Choose an Easter doormat that fits your style and personality, the perfect way to greet your guests! 
This year, I went with our Hoppy Easter doormat, which is pink, white and back. I layered it on top of my go-to layering rug, our Modern Buffalo XL rug.  I love this layering rug so much because it goes with (almost) everything and fits my porch so well. 
Easter Porch Decorations
As you know....I always like to include greenery.
Even without a green thumb, you can have gorgeous plants on your porch all spring. Faux plants can be easily found at your local craft store. You can even find faux hanging plants!
My favorite ways to add greenery on each side of the porch is with topiaries. 
These topiaries are fun and traditional at the same time and can be used year round. If you are looking for something with height, I suggest topiaries. I have 2 sets that I change out throughout the year. Right now, I'm using my spring / summer set which is brighter green and trimmed in a classic topiary style. 
To further customize, drop these trees in your favorite coordinating planters each season and they will always match your décor! I have mine in white box planters and they match everything, it's super simple! 
In addition to my topiaries, I've added some other accessories.
Adding a few coordinating accessories can tie your look together easily. Fill space in the corners and add height with a tall wood sign or taller planters. Using different sized accessories are an easy way to add texture while filling empty spaces. Also consider decorating in pairs. There is something about the symmetry of matching planters on each
side of a front door that you just can’t beat! 

bunny decor
I love this Easter Bunny piece that includes both greenery and the classic Easter bunny shape and I leaned it up against the planter to add a little more interest in the corner. Mine is a few years old but I've linked a great one from Amazon here!
I also included a pop of Easter fun with these carrots. These can be used
inside or out and come in a package of 4! 
Last but not least, top it off with door décor!
I love changing out my décor each season and look for a seasonal wreath with colors that coordinate with the rest of my décor. Other simple updates to your door can include a door knocker, new door hardware, vinyl decal or new house letters placed on the door.
This adorable wreath is the perfect pop of color for any Easter porch! easter wreath
Of course, I couldn't recommend Easter and spring décor accessories without sharing a few of our very own! 
Easter Porch Decor
Accent your space with this whimsical wooden bunny sitter. Durable, and made of  wood, this bunny is sure to bring a smile to friends and family.
Our Spring wall hangings are an adorable accent to any indoor or outdoor décor!
All in all, I love to remind everyone that there is no set way to update your porch decor. It’s all about mixing and matching the right pieces while expressing your personality! 
Easter Porch Decor
If you are interested in seeing my modern Easter porch from last year, you can take a peek here!  It was definitely a different vibe from this year and that is why I love being able to change up my style from year to year!