Our next artist collaboration is LIVE! Meet Alyssa of CASignDesign!
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Our next artist collaboration is LIVE! Meet Alyssa of CASignDesign!

I am so excited to announce this fun + gorgeous collaboration between Alyssa of CASIGNDESIGN and Nickel Designs!!

If you don’t already know Alyssa and her gorgeous signs over at CASignDesign, prepare to be in awe! If you already know her and her business, you will definitely LOVE  by her latest designs made just for us!

From Nicole + Nickel Designs:

I’m so happy that Alyssa and I could come together to collaborate on this very special collection!  This line has been bouncing around between us for awhile now and I am so excited to share it with you!!

Alyssa is an amazing artist, busy boy mama, gorgeous lady and talented creative in so many ways! Her ideas have truly come to life on our doormats! EAch design will be a great addition to your home decor and will  greet your guests with love and a little laughter!

This is the second exclusive artist line for us at Nickel Designs and we are so excited to launch online on Monday April 1st.

Limited number of each design available.

 A little Q&A session with Alyssa:

How did you decide on the designs for this collection?

I wanted to create something I haven’t seen before. I wanted to incorporate my REAL life into designs… including Momma & Family life…

Did you ever expect to have your designs on a doormat?!? :)

It was never a thought before I had collaborated with Nicole! I knew once we started working together that I could see my designs on doormats.

How did you meet Nicole?

We meet on IG through this wonderful maker community! Mutual IG friends I suppose. She is very talented ☺️♥️

What makes this collab unique?

All these designs are new that you have never seen anywhere ! That’s what’s so much fun about this. Brand new eyes on Mat designs.

Tell us a few fun facts about you!!

  • I love being a Boy Momma to my 3 handsome fellas
  • I am a wife to an outdoorsman
  • We have FIVE dogs… so that’s five doggos and five family members & one crazy household!
  • We live in a little town in MI where we love raising our family
  • I am a creative soul living to use my hands each day to bring positive messages into your homes. (It’s the best job ever)

We are both so happy to release this new collection and hope that you love it as much as we do! Shop the full line HERE and find out more about Alyssa and her beautiful signs HERE.