Our first artist collection is LIVE today!
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Our first artist collection is LIVE today!

Hi friends, I am so excited to announce this fun + gorgeous collaboration between the expert calligrapher Shelly Kim of Letters by Shells and Nickel Designs.

If you don’t already know Shelly and Letters by Shells, you are in for a treat! If you already know her amazing calligraphy and design work, you will be so impressed by her latest designs made just for us!

Nickel Designs Letters by Shells Collection

From Nicole + Nickel Designs:
I’m more than honored to collaborate with such an amazing and creative artist. This line has been a true labor of love and I am so very excited to finally be releasing these beautiful designs to the world!!

Shelly is an amazing artist, teacher and creative and her work is absolutely gorgeous on the doormats! They will definitely greet your guests with all of the love that has been poured into the design!

This is the first exclusive artist line for us at Nickel Designs and we are so excited to launch online on Thursday,  March 7th. Limited number of each design available. 

A little Q&A session with Shelly:

How did you decide on the designs for this collection?

When I was brainstorming, I kept thinking of quotes and designs that not only motivated me, but also made me happy!

Did you ever expect to have your designs on a doormat?!? :)

Not at all and seeing how Nicole was able to bring my designs to LIFE was so amazing! I am honestly still in shock and I cannot believe that this collection launches this Thursday! Seriously Nicole, thank you so much for allowing me to be a part of this awesome opportunity and for collaborating with me!

How did you meet Nicole?

I first met Nicole at a craft show back in 2016, but I officially met her at Collab Lab of course when I was hosting a Brush Lettering workshop and I am so happy we met and connected!

What makes this collab unique?

I absolutely love Nicole and everything she creates! I also love home decor and mats. So seeing my designs come to life with this collaboration especially on mats truly made me happy! Also, these are completely new designs that I have been brainstorming about for almost a month while I was traveling Asia ;)

Tell us a few fun facts about you!!

  • I officially love black coffee again!
  • I’m a huge lover of ice cream, frozen yogurt and boba!
  • I love collecting planners every year, but I don’t actually use them because Google calendar is amazing haha ;)
  • I still cannot believe my hobby became my full-time and that it has given me the opportunity to meet amazing people like Nicole :)

We are both so happy to release this new collection and hope that you love it as much as we do! Shop the full line here and find out more about Shelly and Letters by Shells here.