Easy fall porch update! Layer your doormat this fall.
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Easy fall porch update! Layer your doormat this fall.

Layer it up!

I know layering can get a bit tricky sometimes with making sure colors or patterns don’t clash, so I’ve included some of my favorite layered looks that will last throughout the entire fall season. 

Fall is a great time to add more layers and textures with a new outdoor rug! Check out these layered doormat ideas for fall and comment below which one is your favorite!


Fall Doormats

What to consider when picking out an accent rug for doormat layering:

If you’re looking for something versatile, the buffalo check and black + white prints are good year-round and will work with just about every design we have.  

Fan of color? You don’t have to sacrifice color if you want something that works for every look. Adding neutral tones like gray and yellow can complement a mat design while adding that bit of flair that you’re looking for.

Here are my main tips for deciding on your doormat to go with the accent rug:
Layering your front door mat and rug is pretty easy! First, choose a rug to lay underneath that has a pattern or color for the best look.

Make sure that this layering rug is a bit larger than the doormat. All of our doormat layering rugs are sized to fit perfectly under our standard size doormats, making it super easy!

Next, pick your favorite doormat to layer on top! Then you can add in some fresh pumpkins and mums for fall to top the look off!

Still need a bit of inspo?

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I've also provided a few tips to my friends at Redfin - checkout all of their great fall decor tips at their most recent blog post HERE!

Until next time friends, Nicole