Easy Fall Porch Decor Tips 🍁
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Easy Fall Porch Decor Tips 🍁

Not only do the layering rugs give that extra pizazz, they also save you money! If you’re a lover of classic doormats, and don’t really care to decorate your home for every holiday, have a couple of layering rugs, a neutral tone for the winter, and a pop of color (and design) for the spring and summer months! It’s perfect for those low maintenance lifestyles. Nonetheless, it’s an easy way to “decorate” without having to do too much!

If you’re big on decorating for every season and holiday, then these are perfect for you! We offer larger sizes of layering rugs to lie perfectly under your doormat, but still have plenty of room to add a flower pot for the spring and summer months or some pumpkins for the fall! It’s also great for those who have a larger entry way for their porch! It will be proportionate to your house and be so-freaking-cute!

If you want to snag a few of your favorite designs, head over to www.nickel-designs.com and don’t forget, if you buy any TWO items you get 10% off! NO CODE NEEDED!

Now’s the perfect time to your layering rugs before they start flying out of stock for the holidays!