Firefighter Home Doormat
Firefighter Home Doormat
Firefighter Home Doormat
Firefighter Home Doormat
Firefighter Home Doormat
Firefighter Home Doormat

Firefighter Home Doormat

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Product Overview

  • The perfect custom doormat for a welcoming, bright theme.
  • Create an inviting, personalized entry way for your home.
  • An affordable, ideal housewarming gift for newlyweds or your friends.
  • Select from multiple color options to create your own unique doormat.
  • Standard size, 18 x 30 inches to fit most doors.
  • Made in the USA from natural coir fibers for mold, mildew resistance.
  • Extra durable, thick vinyl backing ensures no dangerous slippage when used.
  • Permanent paint and UV sealant protects your custom doormat from the elements.

Our ‘Firefighter Home' doormat is the perfect way to show your support for the first responder in your home! This doormat makes a great housewarming gift for anyone with a firefighter in their family! Our outdoor doormats are the perfect accent to your home decor and are a unique way to personalize your front porch decor.

If you are upgrading to add text or a number on the mat, include:

1. Font choice Options in last photo
2. Text or Numbers to be added (Max 3 words)
3. Color for text/numbers
4. Placement on the doormat 
Ex. (Please add #445 in font 2, black, top right)

All of our doormats are tan/natural brown in color. The natural coir fibers of the doormat are from the husk of the coconut which is mold and mildew resistant and have an extra-sturdy, thick vinyl backing to ensure they won’t slide around, no matter the surface. Though we use all weather paints and a UV sealant to ensure that your mat is perfect for your doorstep, we suggest that you keep your mat as dry as possible to avoid darkening of the fibers. To clean, simply shake out…easy as that! 

PLEASE READ: We do our best to hand paint, process and ship standard orders as quickly as possible, and our current production time is 1-2 weeks. All Custom Orders may take 2-3 weeks to hand paint, process and ship.

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