Our Luna Modern Doormat was just in HGTV Magazine!
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Our Luna Modern Doormat was just in HGTV Magazine!

Hi friends! We have some really exciting news to share with you!

Our 'Luna' Modern style doormat was just prominently featured in HGTV Magazine!! 

HGTV Magazine cover  When I was contacted by HGTV back in NOVEMBER for this, I was so excited and of course jumped at this amazing opportunity! They requested the Luna doormat in orange! I don't think I've ever painted this design in orange before this so I was pretty surprised by it. It turned out great - bright and bold! 

This design is available exclusively from us through our  AMAZING collaboration with Andrea from Luna Reece Ceramics! She is a Southern California ceramic artist that met way back at a local craft fair. We connected over her beautiful work and re-connected when I had the idea to collaborate on a new and exclusive collection of bohemian-modern style doormats. She immediately came to mind and we got to work! This collection has been a best selling staple of the Nickel Designs brand for several years now. 

Now for the big reveal!

It is always so surreal seeing your work in a print publication and I am making sure to celebrate this milestone! Now, I have to get back to work, we have a lot of Luna doormats to paint....in lots of bright and bold colors! 
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