How to create a black and white fall porch!
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How to create a black and white fall porch!

One of my favorite themes to decorate for is fall. While I love all of the fun colors that come along with it, this year I wanted to create a black and white color scheme on my porch to change things up a bit!

You may have seen some black and white fall decor floating around Pinterest as well as Instagram, but I didn’t want to just do a typical black and white theme. I wanted to use items and accessories that would take my fall porch from fall to Halloween and back! 

Fall Porch decorations

 When deciding on accessories, I knew that pumpkins were a must! I found these cloth tapestry pumpkins at Homegoods. They are great quality and a great size, about 12 inches in diameter! The other pumpkins that I used are guessed it...Target! 

I'm reusing my black boho vases from Joann (from last year) and filled them with a mix of fall and black faux stems from Joann. 

The main focal point of the porch is, of course, our Nickel Designs doormat and layering rug! 


 Our hey, pumpkin doormat works great for fall through Halloween and Thanksgiving! I layered it on top of our XL Black layering rug

Fall Porch Decor
Let me know if you have any questions bout this fun and fresh fall porch decor!