Fall Doorway Décor: Layering Rugs and Coordinating Doormats
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Fall Doorway Décor: Layering Rugs and Coordinating Doormats

As the leaves start to change and the air becomes crisper, it's time to welcome the fall season with open arms. One of the best ways to set the stage for a warm and inviting entryway is by layering rugs under your hand-made doormats. At Nickel Designs, we offer a selection of layering rugs and coordinating doormats to enhance your doorstep for the autumn season.

In this blog post, we'll guide you on how to select the perfect layering rug to pair with your doormat, and we'll highlight some of our favorite fall-themed options.

Choosing the Right Layering Rug:

Consider the Color Palette:

When selecting a layering rug to go under your doormat, the color palette is essential. For a warm and inviting fall look, consider our collection of layering rugs:

Fall Doormat Layering Rugs

Texture Matters:

Pay attention to the texture of the layering rug. Fringed rugs add a cozy and stylish touch to your doorstep, creating a more inviting atmosphere for your guests.

Size and Shape:

The size and shape of the layering rug should complement your doormat. Ensure that the rug extends a few inches beyond the doormat's edges, creating a balanced and visually pleasing look. Our layering rugs come in many sizes but the most common is about 24x36 inches to fit a standard, 18x30 inch doormat. 

Check out this blog post to find the right size doormat for your porch! 

Coordinating Doormats for Fall:

Now that you've selected the perfect layering rug, it's time to choose a coordinating doormat that brings the fall spirit to your doorstep. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Hello Fall Doormat with Black Text: 

    A classic choice that welcomes your guests with the spirit of the season. The black text on a natural coir background pairs beautifully with any of our layering rugs.

Fall Doormats by Nickel Designs

Enhancing your entryway for fall is a delightful way to embrace the changing season. With Nickel Designs' carefully curated collection of layering rugs and coordinating doormats, you can create a warm and inviting doorstep that exudes the charm of autumn.

Don't forget to choose a layering rug that complements your selected doormat in terms of color, texture, and size. By doing so, you'll have a perfectly coordinated and stylish entryway that welcomes guests with open arms this fall.

Happy decorating!

xo, Nicole