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With Christmas right around the corner and Christmas shopping in full swing, we created a guide for the Modern Home Décor obsessed.

Since this year will be a bit different, and there will be even more online shopping, we wanted to share some of our favorite small businesses along with some of our own Nickel Designs Doormats (we wouldn’t want your front porch missing out on the fun!)
Kicking it off with the Modern Decor:

Our “HELLO” doormat is something we’ve carried since the beginning. It changed the game for welcome mats by adding the cute, modern font. 

It’s the perfect option to give as a gift, especially if you’re bestie just moved into their new place….or for yourself... your secret is safe with us!

You can’t have a doormat without a layering rug. These have been so popular! It has changed the game for outdoor (and indoor) decor!

Layering rugs are perfect for the front doors and front porches that may not have as much space for extra festive holiday decor. By adding a layering rug, you can pile on the cuteness, and also change it for a different style while keeping the welcome mat that you love!

To keep that modern feel we chose our Grey and White Pattern Aztec Accent Rug:

This is something NEW! We started offering front door decals! 

It’s a great gift that doesn’t take up much space, and the modern theme will flow throughout! Maybe you don’t care for wreaths or don’t have the space, these are a fun way to decorate your door without spending much time or money!


The last touch of modern feel to incorporate into your home are these gorgeous candles from Luna Reece Ceramics!

We love LRC, and Andrea's small business offers handmade ceramics, hand poured candles and other amazing products. With the crackling sound of the wood wick, the beautiful aroma, and the handmade details of the candle, we just don't think it gets more cozy than that.

You can’t have a modern vibe candle without a cool, new way to light said candle - so we

had to share about these Mini Apothecary Matches. Hand-made matchsticks bottled in a small glass bottle with a cork lid! Affordable and cute, the winning combo!